What does signing up involve?

Organisations can become formal supporters by signing our supporter agreement (available below). This means that you agree to:

  • Endorse the campaign
  • Promote the campaign through your communications channels
  • Identify specific activities that your organisation can undertake over the next three years to support your stance against racism.

The campaign asks for a formal commitment to anti-racism, but doesn’t tell organisations what to do.  The specifics of how you demonstrate this commitment will be left to your organisation to determine.

What signing up includes:

  • featuring the campaign logo on your website
  • providing your logo for use on the campaign website/promotional materials
  • promoting campaign activities through your usual communications channels, such as your website, newsletter or social media
  • implementing anti-racism activities over the three year campaign, for example:
    • a sporting club may develop an anti-vilification policy or run an anti-racism training workshop
    • a business may undertake a workplace audit or develop an employment strategy for Aboriginal and culturally and linguistically diverse communities
    • a local council may implement a community education project or convene a multicultural advisory group to ensure services are culturally inclusive
    • an NGO may hold a community event or provide a work placement for a person from newly arrived migrant or refugee community
    • a school may appoint an anti-racism officer or run a classroom activity.

What signing up doesn’t include:

  • a financial commitment to the Strategy or campaign
  • a requirement to adopt a specific policy, program or activity
  • auditing by the Commission or mandatory reporting to the Commission on your activities
  • the Commission will not be able to provide funding for supporter activities. Grant programs are available through our partner agencies, for example the Department of Immigration and Citizenship’s  Diversity and Social Cohesion Program

For more information, please download our prospectus: