No place for racism in Federal parliament | Racism. It Stops With Me

No place for racism in Federal parliament

Wednesday 17 October 2018

The Australian Human Rights Commission says parliamentary motions designed to divide Australians and inflame racial tension and discord in our community must always be rejected.

Race Discrimination Commissioner Chin Tan says Australia is a highly successful multicultural society where social harmony and cohesion is fostered and valued.

“There is no place for white supremacist slogans or messages in our society, especially in our parliament.

“All Australian parliamentarians should consistently stand together to oppose racism and racial supremacy – which Australians and the Commission oppose and repudiate.

“The Commission has an important role in promoting our successful multicultural story. Through the Racial Discrimination Act, the Commission will continue to act to protect all Australians from all forms of racial discrimination or intolerance. The Commission has a critical role to ensure that Australians are not abused, denigrated or live in fear because of their race.”