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ABC Splash

This site uses material from ABC radio and television archives as the basis for primary and secondary school lessons related to English, Maths, Science and History. Lessons related to racism and cultural diversity include:

Australian Human Rights Commission

The Commission has developed a range of education resources to assist teachers to educate students about human rights. Units focus on a range of human rights topics from social justice and race discrimination to disability rights and child rights. The resources can be found on the Human Rights in the School Classroom webpage.  

The Commission has also conducted a desktop review of existing education resources which address the issues of race, racism and race relations. Download the PDF document here.

Asia Education Foundation

This resource aims to provide teachers, education leaders and school communities with innovative programs, curriculum resources and networks to support the achievement of Asia Literacy. There are resources available for students from years K–12 across English, History, Maths, Geography, the Arts, Science, Languages, PDHP and others. Teaching resources include:

Civics and Citizenship Education

This website contains resources, information, activities and links for teachers, students and parents involved in civics and citizenship education. Materials related to racism include:

Difference Differently

Aligned to the Australia curriculum, this website offers modules in English, History, Geography and Civics & Citizenship for students in years 3–10. It aims to develop young Australians’ intercultural understanding through the use of video clips, audio, images, quizzes and interactive learning activities. Lesson plans include:

Immigration Museum Victoria

The Immigration Museum has a variety of resources to educate people about immigration, cultural diversity and racism, including:

Institute for Humane Education

This education blog compiles a range of activities and lesson plans from external sources which are targeted at increasing students’ awareness of racism and bigotry, as well as exploring the effects of, and ways to prevent, discrimination.

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Relevant resources include:

Making Multicultural Australia

Developed by the NSW Board of Studies, NSW Department of Education and Training and the University of Technology Sydney, in partnership with a number of other organisations, this is one of Australia’s leading sources of quality educational resources on multiculturalism. Its major purpose is to assist teachers in developing multicultural and anti-racism materials and programs for use in various subject areas. The website includes:

Prejudice No Way

This website provides anti-prejudice resources to assist students in years K–3 develop the knowledge and skills to tackle racism, prejudice and discrimination. The website provides several resources, lesson plans, activities and teacher notes.

Respect Relationships Reconciliation (RRR)

This website provides resources to support teacher educators delivering Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander education units in teacher education programs. Units include:

Racism No Way!

Managed by the NSW Department of Education and Communities on behalf of government and non-government education systems across Australia, this project aims to assist school communities and education systems to recognise and address racism in the learning environment. This website provides various teaching resources aimed at students in years 4–12, including:

SBS – Go Back to Where You Came From

The Go Back to Where You Came From website features resources for schools related to the themes of the program, including:

Teaching Tolerance

This US organisation is dedicated to reducing prejudice, improving intergroup relations and supporting equitable school experiences for American children. This website contains useful professional development resources and classroom resources. Topics include, among others:


Among VicHealth's numerous publications on the issue of race discrimination (see the Research section below) is the Review of Strategies and Resources to Address Race-Based Discrimination and Support Diversity in Schools, which presents guiding principles, policies and strategies to address race-based discrimination and support diversity in schools. It offers tips and training suggestions for how to implement multicultural and anti-racist education.

World Against Racism Museum 

This organisation aims to educate the public about racism by providing various exhibits about racism on their website. Topics include:

100 Years: The Australian Story

This 60-minute episode of ‘The Australian Story’ provides a historical account of the rise and fall of Australia’s ‘White Australia’ policy, and includes personal stories of the policy’s impact. Both the radio recording and transcript are available for download.

A Fair Go: A Community Kit for Action Against Racism

This resource, produced in 2002 by the NGO Action Coalition Against Racism, includes information about racism and a series of action sheets providing simple, concrete ways in which individuals and groups can take action against racism in Australia (pdf document). 

All Together Now

All Together Now is Australia’s only national charity that is solely focused on addressing racism. Their website contains information about their campaigns and events, their strategy, information about racism and advice on how to speak up against racism.

Anti-Hate Spray Campaign

This is the website of the Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission’s ‘Anti-Hate Spray’ campaign, which aims to empower individuals to take a stand against racism in the community. The interactive website allows individuals to report their experiences with racism and read about other peoples’ experiences, and also provides tips and tools to combat racism.

BeyondBlue - Stop. Think. Respect

This campaign highlights the impact that racism can have upon the social and emotional wellbeing of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. The website contains information for taking action against discrimination and provides resources to enable victims of racism to access support.

Football Federation Victoria

The Football Federation Victoria launched the ‘Don’t Stand By. Stand Up!’ campaign in 2014. The campaign aims to support the football community to respond and prevent racism both on and off the field. Their website provides draft codes of behaviour for coaches, match officials, parents and spectators, as well as a variety of factsheets related to racism in sport.

Kick It Out

Kick It Out: Tacking Racism and Discrimination, runs the ‘Let’s Kick Racism Out of Football’ campaign. This campaign, established in 1993 in the UK, works with football authorities, clubs, players, fans and communities to tackle discrimination. The website provides information about the campaign, news about racism in football, advice on how to tackle racism and policies and practices to promote equality in football clubs.

Moving Beyond Racism

The Australian Psychological Society has created a ‘Moving Beyond Racism’ tip sheet, to provide information on what adults, families, educators and children can do to combat racism and prejudice.

Online Hate Prevention Institute

The Online Hate Prevention Institute was created in 2012 and seeks to address the issue of online hate. The OHPI website provides information on how to respond to online hate and has created a tool for monitoring and reporting online hate which will be launched in late 2014.

Play By The Rules: Racism in Sport Toolkit

This website provides a range of tools and resources to assist sportspeople and clubs to prevent racism and to take action should it occur. The resources include interactive guides, online training, videos, and posters, flyers and postcards.

Racism in Aboriginal Australia

This website by Creative Spirits contains information about casual racism experienced by Indigenous Australians in everyday life, and challenges readers to question its prevalence in society, including in sport, the arts, media, placenames and consumer products. It contains relevant poll results, quotes, pictures, videos, stories and additional resources.

Racism. It Stops With Me

The Racism. It Stops With Me website includes examples on how you can take action against racism. Relevant pages include:
Good practice case studies
What You Say Matters

Show Racism the Red Card

Show Racism the Red Card is a UK campaign that aims to use top footballers in the UK to educate against racism through a schools program. The website provides ideas on how to fight racism, information about the work and events held by the organisation, poster downloads and testimonials from schools and students who have taken part in SRtRC workshops.

Youth Voices Against Racism

This project was initiated by UNESCO, FC Barcelona and the European Coalition of Cities against Racism, in partnership with the European Parliament, and aims to counteract racism in sport and through sport. This website includes links to the project’s concept paper, as well as information on how to promote tolerance and other related publications and resources.

Anti-Racism – What Works?

The Centre for Social Change & Social Equity at Murdoch University conducted an evaluation into the effectiveness of anti-racism strategies for the Office of Multicultural Interests (pdf document)

Australian Catholic Social Justice Council: Confronting Racism

This website provides discussion guides, media releases, papers and external resources in relation to confronting racism.

Australian Human Rights Commission

The Race Discrimination section of the website contains general information about race discrimination, links to current and past projects, publications and news stories. Particular resources of interest include:
Face the Facts: Some questions and answers about indigenous peoples, migrants, refugees and asylum seekers
Principles to promote and protect the human rights of international students

Building social cohesion in our communities

This free, interactive online resource supports local governments to build strong, socially cohesive communities. Developed by the Australian Centre of Excellence for Local Government for the Australian Human Rights Commission under the National Anti-Racism Strategy, the resource aims to help local governments to:

  • Understand their communities and measure their strengths and weaknesses
  • Engage their communities and build partnerships between key stakeholders
  • Prevent and respond to incidents of racism or conflict between groups if they arise
  • Strategically plan for the needs of their communities now and into the future, and
  • Monitor, evaluate and share outcomes.

The resource is structured around the five elements of building social cohesion based on international best practice. It features case studies from local governments around Australia, tips for implementing good practice at the local level and links to further resources.
Building Social Cohesion in our Communities is available here

Building resilience in the face of racism - options for anti-racism strategies

research paper on building resilience in those at risk of racism developed under the auspice of the Sydney Social Justice Network (pdf document)

Challenging Racism Project

The project, run by the University of Western Sydney, has conducted research into the nature of racism in Australian society. This website includes national level findings of the research, links to relevant publications and information on anti-racism initiatives and campaigns run by the university.

Collaborative Research Centre for Aboriginal Health

This centre developed a research paper on The Impact of Racism on Indigenous Health (pdf document).

Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination

This website contains information on the international law pertaining to racial discrimination, the status of ratification of relevant international instruments and links to relevant organisations and publications.

Deakin University: Reconfiguring Anti-Racism

This Deakin University conference, held on 9-10 December, brings together scholars who study anti-racism, intercultural or race relations across a range of disciplines and geographical regions. Their website provides links to relevant research. 

Diversity Council Australia

The Diversity Council Australia has conducted research into several aspects of cultural diversity, including the representation of people from different cultural backgrounds in leadership roles in Australia.

Federation of Ethnic Communities’ Councils of Australia

FECCA is the peak national body representing Australians from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds. It is also a member of the National Anti-Racism Partnership. FECCA’s resources page contains links to several articles and reports on topics related to racism and cultural diversity.

Healing Wounds of the Heart 

In this 27-minute video funded by the Australian Research Council, respected Aboriginal community members and Elders speak about their experiences and understanding of racism, and offer advice to future generations of Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal Australians. 

Right Now: Human Rights in Australia 

This website contains a selection of articles on issues concerning racism and race discrimination in Australia.


The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) is a specialised body of the UN, whose purpose is to promote global peace and security by facilitating international collaboration through education, science and culture. A search for ‘racism’ on the website produces thousands of results, including UN reports and research papers relating to racism.

VicHealth: Discrimination, Diversity and Health 

This webpage discusses some of the health impacts of racism, as well as the wider impacts of discrimination and intolerance. This page also contains links to research and other resources on this topic.  Publications of particular relevant include:
Review of bystander approaches in support of preventing race-based discrimination
Choosing to act: How Victorians can prevent race-based discrimination and support cultural diversity
Racism and its links to young people’s health

Victorian Multicultural Commission - Challenging Racism

This webpage on the Victorian Multicultural Commission website provides articles and research from various organisations that relate to racism.