What you say matters

"What you say matters" performed by Brothablack, featuring the students of James Meehan High School. Directed by Brendan Fletcher, produced by MediaRock and ThinkTank.

Words are powerful. When we use them well, they can bring people together. When we use them carelessly, they can tear people apart.

"Racism offends me, angers me, frustrates me, but most of all it saddens me.

When we surveyed over 2300 Australians aged 13-17, 89 per cent told us that they had experienced racism or seen it happen to someone else.

That's not cool.

We want to see in Australia where everyone is treated with respect, no matter what their skin colour, background or culture.

Do you?

You can learn more about racism and how to fight it here:

The quotes used throughout these pages were largely obtained through the Commission's consultations with the Australian community. Some names and ages have been changed to protect the privacy of the people involved.