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Talk to your friends and family

Let's talk racism

Having conversations about race or racism may not always feel comfortable, particularly with family and friends – but shying away can mean that important opportunities are missed, because these conversations are a chance to change peoples’ thinking.

The Bystander Action page of this website provides advice on addressing racism if ever you observe it among family and friends. But conversations about racism do not need to be critical – they are often about sharing your own insights with the people close to you.

It’s important that any conversation about race or racism focuses on actions instead of individuals. We all have bias of some kind – it’s part of being human – and criticising people for their prejudices can make them defensive. That’s why it’s often more constructive to focus on your actions, and how they can impact others. 

Another good way to engage friends and family in discussions about racism is to share stories with them. Newspaper articles, TV programs, or content on social media is often a good way to prompt discussion or provide new perspectives.

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