Headshot of Tasneem Chopra wearing casual attire

Tasneem Chopra

Cross-cultural Consultant, Author and Advocate
Tasneem Chopra is a distinguished cross-cultural consultant and author who has featured in The Guardian, The SMH, Q&A and SBS life. She holds an Order of Australia Medal for her work in advocating for diversity and was an ‘Anti-racism Champion’ in the previous iteration of the Racism. It Stops With Me campaign.

Meet Tasneem

Born in Kenya and raised in regional Victoria, Tasneem Chopra is an author, public speaker, project manager, museum curator, and seasoned cross-cultural consultant.

As a leading voice on equity and inclusion, Tasneem is committed to anti-racism. Her work challenges racism and discrimination in organisational leadership and seeks to ensure diverse perspectives are driving Australian businesses.

Tasneem has developed diversity, equity, and inclusion policies (DE&Is), delivered acclaimed workshops on cultural competence, presented for TEDX Melbourne, and had her commentary featured in The Guardian, The SMH, Q&A, SBS, The BBC and The Drum.

In 2020, she received an Order of Australia medal for her leadership in the diversity sector and is a previous ‘Anti-Racism Champion’ of the Racism. It Stops With Me campaign.  

Tasneem is Board Director for The Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI) and Strategic Advisor for both Fire Rescue Victoria and the Collingwood Football Expert Panel on Anti-Racism. She is also a proud Ambassador for Women of Colour Australia (WoCA).

Above all, Tasneem is a passionate advocate for social change and uses her various platforms to advocate for anti-racism.



What does ‘Racism It Stops with Me’ mean to Tasneem?

Born in Kenya, with Indian heritage and raised in regional Victoria, Tasneem is proud to be an Australian Muslim.

As a cross-cultural consultant Tasneem is driven by the desire to ensure a commitment to diversity and inclusivity becomes an integral part of Australian businesses and society. Her work confronts barriers to equity and inclusion across organisational leadership in government, corporate, arts and community sectors. For Tasneem, calling out and challenging racism is integral to that, particularly racism that is entrenched in our systems and institutions.

“This campaign enabled me to step into a space and call out the impact of racism on me personally and professionally,” said Tasneem.  

“I cannot realistically expect the status quo to improve if I have the opportunity to up the ante but ignore it. Walking my talk is a career calling on this issue.”

For Tasneem, speaking truth to power is crucial to enforcing a zero-tolerance policy on racism. Calling out racist attitudes and actions is important and powerful and can lead to real change, especially when it comes from those with a platform.

“Micro racisms become macro-ones if we do nothing to intervene, course correct or educate ourselves.”