rant against racism

rant against racism

  • Leda, 21

    Every time someone says, “Don't get me wrong, I'm not racist but...” I just look at them and say, “... says every racist just before they're going to make a racist comment”.

  • Peta, 39

    When my brother made a racist generalisation, I said “I'll just go & get your white hood & cloak for you then, shall I?” He was silent then & I could see he was thinking it over.

rant against racism

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    Rebecca, 24

    A friend shared an anti-Islamic article on Facebook; the information in it was inaccurate and inflammatory. I posted a response pointing out the inaccuracies in the article, the dangerous nature of posting articles that promoted mistrust and hated against a whole religious group of people and I also put forward a different point of view.

rant against racism

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    Vanessa, 36

    Whilst I was shopping at a book store, a lady came up to me and did the ‘slanty’ Asian look at me with the use of her fingers and muttered “Asian”. I could not believe how rude she was. I went and approached her in store and told her off. She just walked away ignoring me. I then reported her to the shop assistant and he confronted her.

rant against racism

  • Jodie, 42

    I lead the creation of Cultural manners for our workplace. My team members had received all kinds of inappropriate, ignorant and hurtful comments and questions as Aboriginal guides working at a tourism attraction. We documented all the commonly asked stupid questions and our insightful and humorous answers to them into a handout so now our visitors pick up their manners on the way into our park to improve the psychological safety of our workplace for our team.

rant against racism

  • Kiara, 15

    At school our class was talking about how people of Asian culture succeed and that their families make it very important to them. A few of my classmates had the nerve to say that they are stealing jobs and making “Australians look stupid” and that “in Sydney schools, only like 1% is Australian and the rest Asian” and I said “excuse me but Asians are Australians too! A lot of them have been settled here for generations!” I was sent out of class for putting down another student because teachers avoid dealing with racism!

rant against racism

  • Sedick, 52

    tram photo

    One morning I was on the tram going to work. I was listening to music but became aware of a disturbance. On taking off my headphones, I heard a woman shouting and swearing at a young African secondary student. The young girl was looking quite distressed and I heard the woman call her a “black c**t”.

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