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Twitter Australia

Twitter anti-racism pledge

Twitter Australia pledged to educate its users on how to use social media safely and securely and to use messages that counter racism and extremism. To improve the safety for its users, Twitter Australia updated its policies and processes concerning violent threats and abusive users. It also supports NGOs and community groups by educating them to use Twitter to promote tolerance and diversity, and to counter racist narratives.

Ventura Bus Lines


A woman was racially abused by passengers while travelling on a Ventura bus which is the largest private bus company in Melbourne. This incident received widespread media attention including a post on YouTube. Ventura then joined the campaign and has since installed campaign posters across 800 buses in its fleet. It now has in place driver protocols for responding to racist incidents.

Construction Training Centre


In Queensland, Construction Training Centre the CEO discovered racist graffiti in the Centre’s toilets. After this incident the centre joined the campaign. The managers demonstrated their leadership by encouraging others to adopt a no-tolerance approach to racism. The centre has led a number of activities which show their clear commitment to cultural diversity and reinforce their zero tolerance to racist behaviour. This includes displaying a large permanent anti-racism sign on the front of their building.

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