Twitter Australia

Twitter anti-racism pledge

When Twitter Australia signed-up to the campaign in January 2015, they pledged to educate users on how to use social media safely and securely and to use affirming alternatives to messages of racism and extremism.

Following their pledge, Twitter Australia has updated its products, policies and processes, including violent threats and abusive user policies, in order to improve the safety of Twitter users.

Twitter Australia has also used its platform to support and promote a range of Australian anti-racism initiatives that seek to combat racism and promote diversity, and has held hands-on workshops in Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra to educate NGOs and community groups to use Twitter to promote tolerance and diversity and counter racist narratives.

Construction Training Centre


The Construction Training Centre became a supporter in 2013 after their CEO was outraged at the discovery of racist graffiti on one of their toilet doors. As centre managers that conduct training for other organisations onsite, they wanted to demonstrate their leadership and encourage others to adopt a no-tolerance approach to racism. After this incident, the centre decided to join the campaign and it is fantastic to hear that since then, the centre has reported no experiences with racist attitudes or behaviours onsite!

To promote their support of the campaign, the centre has undertaken a number of activities which demonstrate their commitment to cultural diversity and reinforce their zero tolerance for racist or discriminatory behaviour, including displaying a 1.5m x 1.5m permanent sign in a clearly-visible and prominent location on the front of their building and promoting the campaign in the office and in their e-newsletter.

To find out more about the centre’s support for the campaign and to read their pledge online, visit their website.

Ventura Bus Lines


On 11 November 2012, French woman Fanny Desaintjores was racially abused by fellow passengers in Melbourne, while travelling on a bus operated by Ventura. Footage of the incident was posted on YouTube, and received widespread media attention. Ventura (the largest private bus company in Melbourne) signed up as a supporter of the campaign in the following month.

The company has since installed campaign posters across 800 buses in its fleet.

They have also developed driver protocols for responding to racist incidences in future. Drivers are requested to:

For more information about Ventura Bus Lines, visit their website.

  • Pull your bus to the kerbside where safe to do so and apply maxi break
  • Open all doors to allow the offender or victims to exist your bus
  • Notify your operations supervisor of your exact location and circumstances of the event
  • If safe to do so, advise the offender to cease their actions, that the event is being recorded and that the Police have been called to attend
  • Update Operations as to whether you will continue with the service or wait for the police.
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