Supporter Toolkit | Racism. It Stops With Me

Supporter Toolkit

Here you’ll find material to help you or your organisation support the Racism. It Stops With Me campaign. This page includes material you can download and post to social media, as well as designs for posters, anti-racism pledges and more.

Please contact us at if you’d like any assistance in developing new campaign materials for your organisation.

Social Media Assets

Tiles to download and publish

Click on the social media tiles and right-click to download. You can then publish the saved images to your own social media accounts.

Create a Facebook profile frame

Racism It Stops With MeFollow the link to create a Racism. It Stops With Me picture frame for your own Facebook account:

Campaign Posters

Do you want to create your own poster? Send us a high-res image of yourself and we can create anti-racism posters much like the celebrity posters below.

You can also click to download these Racism. It Stops With Me posters. Print them on A3 paper and stick them up at your workplace, school or in a public space.

Pledges, frames & graphics

Print out a bunch of Racism. It Stops With Me pledge sheets and invite people at work or school to make a pledge to stand up against racism. You can also print out the selfie frames, or the Racism. It Stops With Me - and me - and me graphics and pose for photos. They’re great for events!