Evaluation is a critical component of our work. It helps us monitor and improve our activities and assess their contribution to our goals and objectives.

Key evaluation activities have included:

  • Annual supporter surveys
  • Supporter case studies
  • Key informant interviews
  • Analysis of the reach of the campaign and its resources through web analytics.

The following publications outline our evaluation activities and outcomes:

PDF icon Summary Evaluation and Future Direction report 

Evaluation and Future Direction report (Word version) (2015)*

2012-2015 Evaluation: campaign survey & Interview Instruments (2015)

PDF icon One Year On Report

*Correction to the National Anti-racism Strategy and Racism. It Stops With Me Summary Evaluation and Future Direction. For hard and electronic copied obtained before August 2015. On page 21 of both the PDF and word formats the figure for the number of users who have registered to use Workplace Cultural Diversity Tool should read as 632 and not 910.

the correction