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University of NSW (UNSW)

UNSW held a public launch event, with ABC TV’s Jeremy Fernandez and comedian Sam McCool, to mark its commitment to the campaign. As part of it own Racism. It Stops with Me @UNSW initiative, UNSW developed an anti-racism animation and uploaded videos of students and staff speaking about their experiences and understanding of racism.

To challenge cultural stereotypes and raise awareness of the damaging effects of racism, UNSW held an art exhibition showcasing ‘Insha’Allah Surfboards’ by Philip George decorated with Islamic and Christian motifs, and a slam poetry workshop and performance with reigning Australian Poetry Slam Champion Zohab Khan.

Image of postcard with painted surfboard   Screenshot of anti-racism graphic

University of Tasmania (UTAS)

UTAS recognised that recently-arrived migrant students and international students are in particular need of support at uni. They are more likely to experience certain kinds of harassment or abuse. They often lack the personal support networks that local students might have.

The UTAS Report It Network provides a pathway for students seek support through the existing channels. The online referral tool makes it easy for witnesses to get quick advice on what steps to take if they see racism or discrimination. Individuals in the university community can act to protect students’ safety and rights.


University of Western Australia (UWA)

The Courageous Conversations About Race (CCAR) initiative is run by UWA. It is a highly interactive ’conversation’ which engages the campus community in a dialogue around race and community harmony.  Staff and students are encouraged to become comfortable with difference, and to reflect on how systemic racial discrimination impacts on the Australian community.

The CCAR initiative is part of the annual UWA staff development calendar. Material is embedded within the curriculum and staff experience across all faculties. More than 3,000 staff and 5,000 students have participated in the workshops and has involved fourteen universities in Australia and New Zealand.


University of Western Sydney (UWS)

Since signing up to the campaign, UWS developed The Challenging Racism Project in conjunction with academics at other universities. The project looks at why bystander action is important and what bystanders can do when they witness racism.

Find out about Challenging Racism project, visit their website.

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