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Take Action

A great way to take action against racism is by becoming a supporter of the Racism, It Stops With Me campaign. This will help you stay up to date with ongoing initiatives and opportunities to advocate for racial equality.

In addition to becoming a supporter, there are many other ways you can take action against racism in Australia. Some are quick and easy, others take a little more time and effort – but can have a far greater impact.

This page lists a few ways you can help.

Spread the word

We’ve created a Supporters Toolkit to help you promote the campaign against racism. It includes social media assets, posters, and a range of other material, which you can download and use. 
You could support the campaign by: 
  • Downloading social media assets to publish on your social media channels. 
  • Printing a Racism. It Stops With Me poster and displaying it at your workplace, school or somewhere in your local community.
  • Very soon, you’ll be able to order merchandise supporting the Racism. It Stops With Me campaign, much of it available for free. Watch this space for details. 
  • Follow the Australian Human Rights Commission on social media and share our posts with your networks to promote a more harmonious society. 
  • Apply the Racism. It Stops With Me picture frame to your Facebook profile. 
  • Use the #ItStopsWithMe hashtag when posting on social media about related issues. 

For organisations

Let’s talk race: A guide on how to conduct conversations about racism

Talking about racism can be difficult, and many organisations do not discuss racism until they are faced with an incident of racism in the workplace. This guide has been developed to assist Australian organisations in conducting meaningful conversations about racism.

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Training & support

Are you considering ways to improve the culture within your organisation, or to promote greater diversity? Contact the Commission at training@humanrights.gov.au. We provide customised training and support services to organisations, whether they are corporate or community oriented.

Anti-racism merchandise

Your workplace or organisation can order Racism. It Stops With Me merchandise to distribute to staff, clients and partners.
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Create customised posters

We can help your organisation create customised Racism. It Stops With Me posters to place on noticeboards, in lunchrooms or lobbies. Email antiracismsecretariat@humanrights.gov.au to find out more.

Acknowledge traditional owners

Does your organisation acknowledge the traditional owners at the start of meetings? This small ritual helps foster a culture of respect for Australia’s first peoples.
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Implement strategies

There are many ways organisations can tackle racism. The Challenging Racism project provides practical strategies organisations can adopt to promote social harmony and diversity.
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Think about your local community – are there any organisations or activities you can participate in to support multicultural or Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander groups? It could be helping refugees or recent migrants to learn English, or helping with shopping, or driving lessons. It could be connecting with local Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander community organisations to hear from them about ways you can support them and their communities.

You could also volunteer with established organisations that support Indigenous or diverse communities. There are many such organisations – here are just a few you might consider:



There are many charities doing good work to support diverse communities and oppose racism. Most of the organisations listed in the ‘Volunteer’ section, above, also rely on donations.  

In addition to these, you might contribute to:

  • Organisations that support asylum seekers and new migrants
  • Campaigns for justice for the families of Indigenous people who have died in custody
  • Charities that provide much needed support to culturally and linguistically diverse communities.

When making donations it can be a good idea to find out about the organisation and the work it does.

If you’re not able to make financial contributions, you might like to donate books to the Indigenous Literacy Foundation. The Refugee Council of Australia also has a long list of organisations that accept donations of food, clothes and other essentials.


Spend wisely

We sometimes hear about people and organisations withdrawing as customers from businesses that do the wrong thing and give a platform to racism, or fail to act against it.

You, and any organisations you’re associated with, can also support businesses that embrace diversity, are run by culturally diverse groups or are set up to benefit a specific community.

A great way to show practical, financial support is by supporting social enterprises set up to improve the employment opportunities of specific communities, like recently arrived refugees and asylum seekers or Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young people.

There are also many companies that embody cultural diversity: These range from corporate services that provide legal advice, design work or video production to culturally diverse catering companies, or collectives of Indigenous artists. The Supply Nation website provides a database of certified Indigenous businesses across a wide variety of sectors.

The Commission is currently developing its own list of culturally diverse suppliers, and will soon make it publicly available, to give you more ideas.