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For organisations

Let’s talk race: A guide on how to conduct conversations about racism

Talking about racism can be difficult, and many organisations do not discuss racism until they are faced with an incident of racism in the workplace. This guide has been developed to assist Australian organisations in conducting meaningful conversations about racism.

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Training & support

Are you considering ways to improve the culture within your organisation, or to promote greater diversity? Contact the Commission at We provide customised training and support services to organisations, whether they are corporate or community oriented.

Anti-racism merchandise

Your workplace or organisation can order Racism. It Stops With Me merchandise to distribute to staff, clients and partners.
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Create customised posters

We can help your organisation create customised Racism. It Stops With Me posters to place on noticeboards, in lunchrooms or lobbies. Email to find out more.

Acknowledge traditional owners

Does your organisation acknowledge the traditional owners at the start of meetings? This small ritual helps foster a culture of respect for Australia’s first peoples.
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Implement strategies

There are many ways organisations can tackle racism. The Challenging Racism project provides practical strategies organisations can adopt to promote social harmony and diversity.
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