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Spend wisely

We sometimes hear about people and organisations withdrawing as customers from businesses that do the wrong thing and give a platform to racism, or fail to act against it.

You, and any organisations you’re associated with, can also support businesses that embrace diversity, are run by culturally diverse groups or are set up to benefit a specific community.

A great way to show practical, financial support is by supporting social enterprises set up to improve the employment opportunities of specific communities, like recently arrived refugees and asylum seekers or Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young people.

There are also many companies that embody cultural diversity: These range from corporate services that provide legal advice, design work or video production to culturally diverse catering companies, or collectives of Indigenous artists. The Supply Nation website provides a database of certified Indigenous businesses across a wide variety of sectors.

The Commission is currently developing its own list of culturally diverse suppliers, and will soon make it publicly available, to give you more ideas.

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