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Educate yourself

The first step towards being a good ally is having a thorough understanding of the ways in which racism appears in society, and how each type of racism impacts people. It’s also about understanding your own privilege and unconscious bias.

This website provides an introduction to the different kinds of racism that exist. However, the factors that enable and perpetuate racism can be complex. There is always more to learn, and as you increase your knowledge and understanding, you will increasingly become a better ally. That’s why we’ve also provided a list of further resources that can help grow your understanding of the issues associated with racism.

Educating yourself about racism also includes learning about your own privilege and bias. Each of us engages in society from a different perspective, and with that comes certain experiences, beliefs and preferences. Often, we are not conscious of our own bias and privilege until we make the effort to become aware of them. Examining your own bias and place in society is a vital part of being a good ally.      

Everyone has unconscious bias. Researchers at Harvard University developed a method to help detect unconscious bias. It’s called the Implicit Association Test, and it’s available for anyone to do online. Take the test to learn more about your own bias.

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