Tool Expert Advisory Group

In 2022, the Commission released an updated version of the Workplace Cultural Diversity Tool. The content, form and function of the Tool were updated with the aim of increasing usability and user engagement, and to provide organisations with current information and resources to engage with conversations on cultural diversity and anti-racism. The updated Tool was informed by research and consultations, and guided by the expertise of an Expert Advisory Group.

In May 2023, the Expert Advisory Group was disbanded due to shifting consultation needs and changing nature of the project. Individual members of the group continue to be consulted and provide expert advice regarding updates to the Tool.

The Group included the following members, each bringing unique expertise regarding cultural diversity and anti-racism in the workplace:

  • Jason Yatsen Li, Lawyer and NSW Member for Strathfield
  • Ken Woo, Former Partner at PWC
  • Mariam Veiszadeh, CEO of Media Diversity Australia
  • Mohammad Al-Khafaji, Head of Strategic Partnerships at SBS and Former CEO of FECCA
  • Nareen Young, Professor at Jumbunna Institute of Education and Research, UTS
  • Sharon Davis, Co-Founder of Goorlil Consulting
  • Tasneem Chopra, Cross-Cultural Consultant