Take action

A great way to take action against racism is by becoming a supporter of the Racism. It Stops With Me campaign. This will help you stay up to date with ongoing initiatives and opportunities to advocate for racial equity.

There are many other ways you can take action against racism in Australia. Check out our resource hub for information and support on developing your anti-racism skillset and mindset.

This page lists a few ways you can help.



Become a supporter

Show your support by becoming a supporter of the Racism. It Stops With Me campaign.

Support the campaign
Group of people at a pacifict protest against racism. People are raising their fists, with some people with protest signs in the background

Spread the word

Follow and share the content of anti-racism activists and initiatives online. There is some powerful work being done at the community level and you can play a part in amplifying the voices of and supporting those working to combat racism. Check out our resource hub for information about anti-racism initiatives, campaigns and groups to follow and spread the word on. Many of the organisations featured there are doing anti-racism work every single day. Your support for them can go a long way.

We have also created a Supporters Toolkit to help you promote the Racism. It Stops With Me campaign. It includes social media assets, posters, and a range of other material, which you can download and use.

You could support the campaign by: 

  1. Downloading social media assets to publish on your social media channels. 
  2. Printing a Racism. It Stops With Me poster and displaying it at your workplace, school or somewhere in your local community.
  3. Follow the Australian Human Rights Commission on social media and share our posts with your networks to promote a more harmonious society. 
  4. Use the #ItStopsWithMe hashtag when posting on social media about events and related issues.



Spend wisely

The way you spend your money is important.

You, and any organisations you’re associated with, can also support businesses that engage in anti-racism or are set up to promote racial equity.

A great way to show practical, financial support is by supporting social enterprises set up to promote equity in employment.

There are also many companies that practice active anti-racism. These range from corporate services that provide legal advice, design work or video production to culturally diverse catering companies, or collectives of Indigenous artists. The Supply Nation website provides a database of certified Indigenous businesses across a wide variety of sectors. The Welcome Merchant website provides a database of businesses powered by refugees across Australia, including catering companies, creative agencies, clothing labels, trades and services, and more.


For organisations

Training & support

Are you considering ways to address racism within your organisation, or increase cultural diversity and inclusion?

How can we support your organisation?

The Australian Human Rights Commission provides customised training and support services to organisations, whether they are corporate or community oriented. For more information, contact the Commission at training@humanrights.gov.au.

There are many other organisations that provide anti-racism training. Check out the resource hub for more information.

The Commission’s Workplace Cultural Diversity Tool also provides practical tools and information to support workplaces to foster cultural diversity and inclusion and engage in active anti-racism. Head to the tool’s page for more information.