Why this tool?

The tool is designed to help organisations measure themselves against good practice goals in workplace cultural diversity and anti-racism, effectively manage a culturally diverse workforce, plan their business development and chart their progress over time

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to anti-racism or fostering a culturally diverse and inclusive workplace. While the good practice goals in the tool are based on international best practice they won't meet the needs of every organisation.


This tool:

  • provides information and resources for those seeking to identify and address racism in the workplace, at the interpersonal, institutional and systemic level
  • offers practical steps for working with and supporting a culturally diverse workforce
  • lets organisations assess themselves against 52 measures of competence
  • provides a starting point for those wishing to review how their organisation promotes cultural diversity and anti-racism
  • helps those committed to cultural diversity and anti-racism move towards best practice.


Using the tool is just one step in creating a more diverse and inclusive workplace. It is designed to help you recognise areas in which your organisation is doing well, and others in which your organisation needs to do better. Your responses to the tool should inform the development of initiatives to improve cultural diversity, inclusion, and anti-racism within the workplace. The Australian Human Rights Commission is available to support your organisation with information and resources on how to continue this journey, including information about tailored support.