International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination 2023

by Racism. It Stops With Me Campaign Team | 23 March 2023
The International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination (IDERD) is a day that reflects a recognition by nations around the globe of the ongoing need to actively address and eliminate racial discrimination.

The International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination (IDERD) is a powerful vehicle to encourage people everywhere to strengthen and consolidate their voices against racism, to mobilise against all forms and manifestations of racial discrimination and injustice, and to strategise for change.

Read on to discover our newly produced fact sheet on IDERD, alongside a comprehensive digital and social media amplification kit to help you and your organisation share messaging with your networks that inspires commitment to anti-racism this IDERD.


Fact sheet

In Australia, IDERD is sometimes referred to ‘Harmony Day.’

This alternate framing came about following a 1999 rebranding exercise – where IDERD was repurposed to a day for celebration and the focal point of ‘Harmony Week.’ With this framing, the systemic racial discrimination experienced by so many, for so long in Australia is effectively swept under the rug.

The Racism. It Stops With Me. campaign team has produced a fact sheet about IDERD, to explain how hiding the true meaning of this day under a mask of ‘harmony’ actively harms our collective anti-racism journey by obscuring structural and systemic racism.

We encourage you to read the fact sheet and share it with your networks. Please note, we will shortly be releasing translated versions of the IDERD fact sheet – stay tuned.

Access the IDERD fact sheet


Digital media amplification kit!

The Campaign Team has also prepared a comprehensive amplification kit for stakeholders and supporters to utilise for communication purposes this IDERD.

It features a suite of ready-to-share social media tiles and carousels, alongside suggested website, social media, and email copy.

Please download the amplification kit via the button below and click through the hyperlinks to download the social assets.

Access the amplification kit

If you have any questions about promoting this messaging around IDERD or into the future, please reach out to us via the contact page.


In the news

Last week, the media reported harmful racial abuse directed at NRL player Latrell Mitchell during a game. Australia’s Race Discrimination Commissioner, Chin Tan, subsequently made a media statement calling on professional sports organisations, clubs, codes, stadiums, and broadcasters, to work together in implementing consistent and coordinated approaches to spectator racism.

“Sport holds a unique place in Australian society and helps build social connection. Unfortunately, racism in sport remains an ongoing issue, threatening our values of equality, fairness, and participation. We must use this opportunity to redouble our commitment to challenging racism – wherever it occurs,” Commissioner Tan said.

We invite you to review the award-winning Spectator Racism Guidelines, produced by the Australian Human Rights Commission in consultation with major sports codes in 2021:

Access the Spectator Racism Guidelines

“These guidelines include best-practice approaches for preventing racist incidents, and culturally safe processes for responding to incidents when they occur,” Commissioner Tan said.


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The Racism. It Stops With Me Campaign Team