Supporter Update - July 2022

by Race Discrimination Commissioner Chin Tan | 20 July 2022
Last week, we launched a new iteration of the Racism. It Stops With Me campaign.

Dear friends,  

Last week, we launched a new iteration of the Racism. It Stops With Me campaign. In case you missed it, here are some highlights from the extensive media reports about the campaign:

The campaign calls on Australians who do not have lived experience of racism to reflect on its causes and do more to challenge it. We hope it will create public discussion - but we need your help to make this happen. 

We’re asking you to support the campaign and help raise awareness about the nature of systemic racism and inequality in Australia. You can do this by downloading our Supporter Kit and sharing the content on social media, or in your workplace and community. 




Download the supporter kit

Information and resources to help you share the campaign and promote anti-racism.

Download the supporter kit
Craig Foster, Racism It's Stops With Me ambassador

The campaign invites all Australians to commit to learning about racism and taking action against it. It urges supporters to reflect on the inequality racism causes, and to work within your sphere of influence to create meaningful change.  

The campaign includes a Community Service Announcement that will be broadcast on national television, which you can view here. We’re also launching a new Racism. It Stops With Me website, with information and resources to help you get involved. The website hosts a new Workplace Cultural Diversity Tool, a free, online, confidential self-assessment tool to help organisations promote inclusion and diversity, and engage in anti-racism. 

You can also support the campaign by signing your organisation up as a supporter and joining a community of hundreds of organisations committed to making change. We also have a range of merchandise available. 

No matter how challenging the conversation, we need to talk about racism and the causes of inequality. 

By taking a stand against racism, we can build a fair and equal society – for all. 

We thank you for supporting the campaign and helping spread the message, 

Chin Tan

Race Discrimination Commissioner

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