Are cultural safety definitions culturally safe? A review of 42 cultural safety definitions in an Australian cultural concept soup

by Lock et al. | 2021 | Research Publication
This research article explores whether 42 Australian-based definitions of cultural safety are culturally safe in themselves.

The research found that cultural risk is embedded within some cultural safety definitions. This is more broadly linked to a lack of definitional clarity and incorrect perceptions of cultural safety, both of which create cultural risk through unsafe practices.

The authors offer guidelines for future definitional clarity and construction of cultural safety which aims to reduce cultural risk and facilitate responsiveness to the cultural strengths of First Nations Australians.

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Authors: Lock, M., Williams, M., Lloyd-Haynes, A., Burmeister, O., Came, H., Deravin, L., Browne, J., Lopez Alvarez, M. J., Walker, T., Biles, J., Manton, D., Randell-Moon, H., Zaccone, S., Otmar, R., Kendall, E., Flemington, T., Hastings, A., Lawrence, J., McMillan, F., & Bennett, B.