Australian High School Anti-racism Kit

2021 | Guide/Tool
An anti-racism toolkit designed by and for Australian high school students

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The Australian High School Anti-racism Kit is a tool made by Australian high school students, for Australian high school students, that we can use to take down racism brick by brick.

The creators of the tool made it because they want to build a future that doesn’t need anti-racism kits in the first place. As they say:

"For us, as recently graduated high school students of colour, we support anti-racism because we’re not happy to settle for ‘not being racist’.

We want to be anti-racist – to deliberately work towards breaking down the racism we’ve experienced personally and institutionally in our broader communities and society.

And you should too. Racism certainly affects either you or the people around you. It is a root cause of serious political, social, and economic injustices in our society, and it trickles down to the day-to-day experiences of harassment and discrimination.

We’re here to support you in creating change. There aren’t many anti-racism resources for Australian high school students that are actionable.

This kit – a collection of strategies, resources, and guides – tries to fill that gap. This kit offers tangible strategies to reduce racism in self, schools and societies."

You can also buy a copy of the book resource here (link opens in new window).