Australian Human Rights Commission Anti-racism eLearning course

An online, accessible anti-racism eLearning course intended to support a deepened understanding of racism, anti-racism and related concepts


The Australian Human Rights Commission has a range of eLearning courses available to organisations and businesses.

These accessible and engaging courses provide participants with self-paced learning on human rights-related topics.

The Anti-racism eLearning course aims to improve participants’ understanding of racism and its impacts as well as their ability to address racist behaviours in their daily life and in the workplace.

This self-paced eLearning course takes 2-3 hours to complete.


Key learning outcomes
• Increased understanding of racism as a concept and experience
• Increased understanding of race and racism in the Australian context
• Increased awareness of the impacts of racism
• Increased range of strategies and tools to address racism
• Increased skills for effective bystander action.

What’s included
• Invitation and registration services (if required)
• Certificates of completion
The course is hosted on the Australian Human Rights Commission’s Learning Management
System (LMS).


$59+GST per person. Minimum 10 people.

More information

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