Australian Indigenous Doctors' Association Cultural Safety Training

by Australian Indigenous Doctors' Association (AIDA) | Training/consulting
A clinically focused training program that supports cultural safety in health service delivery

AIDA’s Cultural Safety Training webpage 


AIDA’s Cultural Safety Training, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health in Clinical Practice (ATSIHiCP), is clinically focussed and designed to assist medical practitioners integrate cultural safety into their practices to improve healthcare for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander patients.  

ATSIHiCP equips Registrars and Fellows in any specialty with the knowledge, skills and attitudes needed to integrate Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander holistic health and cultural safety into everyday clinical practice.  

Through developing a greater understanding of Indigenous health perspectives and by undertaking a process of investigating their own perceptions, participants commence the important steps of critical self-reflection. The program aims to inspire participants to change their own clinical practice and become an agent for change for others.