Evaluation report - Racism. It Stops With Me (including the Workplace Cultural Diversity Tool)

by Australian Human Rights Commission | Research Publication
Racism. It Stops with Me is a national campaign of the Australian Human Rights Commission (the Commission). First launched in 2012, the campaign aims to support Australians to learn about racism and take action against it.

In 2020, the Commission began working on a new iteration of the Racism. It Stops With Me campaign. This was inspired by a number of factors: the continued leadership of First Nations communities in resisting racism and calling for an end to Indigenous deaths in custody, the COVID-19 pandemic and the intensification of racist narratives in media and political discourse, rising Islamophobia, antisemitism and concerns about home grown terrorism and extremism. This included the need to fully understand and respond to the ways in which racism is entrenched in colonial Australian history, in our structures and institutions, and as a result, in our everyday lives. 

The campaign relaunch went live on 12 July 2022, with a six-week promotional rollout period that ran to 19 August.