Guide to conducting a ‘Cultural Temperature Check’ within your organisation

by Australian Human Rights Commission | Research Publication
A cultural temperature check can facilitate a deeper understanding of the level of cultural inclusion and cultural safety within your organisation.

The ultimate goal of a cultural temperature check is the creation of a culturally safe and racially equitable workplace environment through practical, meaningful, and active anti-racism strategies.

A cultural temperature check should identify any structural barriers, risks, or issues in relation to the current promotion and implementation of cultural diversity and anti-racism in your workplace. As well as this, it should seek to foster self-reflection by engaging with staff at all levels on the impacts of power and privilege. 

The Australian Human Rights Commission’s (AHRC’s) Workplace Cultural Diversity Tool is a great first step to assessing the current level of cultural inclusivity within your organisation. This tool can be used in tandem with this guide (available for download below) to conduct a comprehensive check of your organisation. These resources are directly geared towards creating positive change and embedding anti-racism in the workplace.