Inclusive Recruitment at Work Guidelines

by Diversity Council Australia | Guide/Tool
Practical guidelines to support inclusive recruitment in the workplace

Inclusive recruitment at work guidelines 


In 2022, DCA partnered with Jobsbank to create these evidenced-based inclusive recruitment guidelines.

DCA’s Inclusive Recruitment project is a response to the uncommon times Australia finds itself in: 

  • 31% of Australian organisations say they can't find workers to fill jobs
  • 3,000,000 Australians are looking for work or want more work

These people are capable, talented, and willing but overlooked by employers. They are most likely to be from marginalised groups, sometimes multiple marginalised groups.  

In this context, Australian organisations need to diversify who and how they hire if they are to meet their workforce needs – tapping into pools of talent typically left off their recruitment radars.  

That’s where Inclusive Recruitment can make a real difference.