Multicultural Australia Cultural Training

by Multicultural Australia | Training/consulting
Multicultural Australia can help provide the training and support needed to take your cultural capability to the next level.

Australia is a culturally and linguistically diverse country, with nearly half of Australians either being born overseas or having one or both parents born overseas.

Being aware of cultural differences is crucial for delivering services to and, working with people from culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) backgrounds.

With expertise in working with CALD community members for over two decades, Multicultural Australia is well placed to provide your organisation with the support and training needed to take your cultural capability to the next level.

Multicultural Australia offers several training options to suit your organisation’s training needs:

  • Working with Cultural Diversity – this strength-based training delivers self-awareness, understanding and ready-to-apply strategies and skills to engage with your diverse employees and clients.
  • Working with Refugees Training – a training workshop that provides a comprehensive insight into how your organisation can effectively work with refugees.
  • Working with young people from a Refugee background – a training workshop that supports your organisation in understanding the refugee journey for young people and how to recognise their skills and experience.
  • Women from refugee and culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds experiences of domestic and family violence – this training builds empathy and awareness, as well as providing practical strategies to appropriately respond to need.
  • Tailored training programs – we can provide a tailored training package to support your organisation’s unique requirements.

Multicultural Australia has delivered training to thousands of individuals from corporate, government and educational sectors, in Queensland and across Australia, contributing towards a more inclusive, diverse, and welcoming corporate Australia.