Our Race

An organisation providing training, consulting and advocacy on best practice for anti-racist Story Telling

Our race believes that stories are most powerful when the truth and the narrative is controlled by the Story Teller.

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In their own words:

"Our Race is a social enterprise with an emphasis on the redemptive and restorative nature of Story Telling in a culturally diverse social environment. We educate and advocate for the empowerment of Story Tellers, and an inclusive and intelligent approach to Story Telling by organisations and the wider community.

 We seek to flip the prevailing power imbalance of our social environment by developing and sharing tools and techniques to enable Story tellers and communities to create and direct their own Stories, thereby deriving the maximum benefit.

 We acknowledge and value the strength and example of First Nations’ Story Telling in which our own approach is grounded. Cultural knowledge and safety in practice are honoured and prioritised as the basis for a more ethical and transformative approach to Story Telling.

 We believe in genuine engagement, reflection, critique and continual improvement to move towards restorative justice. We are committed to an anti-racist, intersectional approach, which is informed by an immersive commitment.

 Although our approach embraces the wellbeing of the individual, we believe in challenging the broader colonial narrative and replacing it with the counterstory. Through a membership-based model we provide spaces, in person and online, where we can confront racist and other oppressive practices through education, capacity building, democratising information and encouraging a transformational, ethical Story Telling and engagement approach.

We aim to create a sustainable, humanistic model which will provide spaces for more voices to be heard, without the compromising conditions generally placed on marginalised groups. We do this through our language of Transformational Ethical Story Telling."