Transformational Ethical Story Telling (TEST) principles

by Our Race | Guide/Tool
Our Race provides training, consulting and advocacy on best practice for anti-racist Story Telling. These principles have been developed to support organisations seeking to follow a safe and ethical approach to their Story Telling practices

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As stated on their website:

"This document has been created to set out both the non-binding Transformational Ethical Story Telling Principles and the legal framework Story Telling sits within. It is a guide for Partners who wish to follow a safe and ethical approach to their Story Telling practices. It is also a guide for Story Holders and their communities to understand their rights and provide a bargaining framework when deciding if and how they will share their Story. In doing so, it will give agency to Story Holders, through centring them and their Story.

The document provides an overview of the legal rights that Story Holders may have to their Story, including in copyright. Whilst Partners may have legal obligations, these may not meet ethical standards. By following this framework, Partners and Story Holders can balance ethical and legal standards to understand what each party is providing and giving up, so that Story Holders can make informed decisions abobut whether and on what terms they wish to share their Story."