Take the time to listen | Racism. It Stops With Me

Take the time to listen

No two experiences are the same. Unless you have experienced racism and inequality it is very hard to understand the experiences of individuals and communities who have lived with this reality.

We can however build our empathy for the experiences of others by actively listening to their stories and experiences. Truth telling and storytelling are two important tools to educate the broader community about inequality and disadvantage.

A good ally can listen to these truths and stories without being defensive or judgemental, and can help to address the underlying institutional and systemic barriers that contribute to inequality and disadvantage in our society.

Every person of colour and every Indigenous person has a story. Many activists, artists and others have shared their truths and stories. Some great examples of truth telling in action include Stan Grant’s landmark speech, The Australian Dream and Cally Jedda’s TedX talk about the relationship between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians.  


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