This page provides information on how your score in the assessment tool will be calculated. It explains the methodology behind the results that you receive once having completed the assessment tool.


Within the Workplace Cultural Diversity Tool there are 10 Good Practice Areas. Each Good Practice Area consists of a series of Good Practice Goals, with 52 goals in total across the Tool.

Within each Good Practice Area, weighting is divided equally between each Good Practice Goal. Each goal has a maximum score of 10, with the following weighting:

  • Starting Out – 2/10 points
  • Developing – 6/10 points
  • Advanced – 10/10 points


How overall scores are calculated 

Your overall score is based on your performance across all 10 Good Practice Areas and is provided as a percentage. To calculate this overall score, each Good Practice Area is weighted 10%.

Maximum overall score: 520 points = 100%

Minimum overall score: 104 points = 20%