Western Australia DPLH - Centring First Nations expertise

by Western Australia Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage
The Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage is the State Government agency responsible for planning and managing all land use and heritage considerations within Western Australia. The Department employs the equivalent of approximately 840 full time staff, with head offices in Perth and regional offices located around the State.

The Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage (the Department) advocates for the participation of Aboriginal people in public employment—in a wide range of roles, and at all levels. The unique skills and knowledge of Aboriginal people add significant value to Government business and our organisational culture, building Western Australian Public Sector capability by sharing their culture, imparting knowledge and contributing to the economic growth of Aboriginal communities. By increasing employment opportunities across our Department, we will contribute to 'closing the gap' in economic participation for Aboriginal people.

The Department works in partnership with Aboriginal people across Western Australia to manage land and protect their cultural heritage, and to ensure authentic engagement with Aboriginal communities on planning and development matters.

Our Strategic Plan 2019-2024 centres on five key goals. Our 'people' goal aims to create a workforce by 2023 that reflects the community it serves. To achieve and sustain healthy levels of Aboriginal employment the Department must work towards creating inclusive workplaces, strengthening the cultural competency of our staff in delivering culturally responsive services. Coupled with these goals, is the Department’s aspirational target of 5% Aboriginal employment by mid-2023.

The Department recognises that to achieve these goals and target, concerted efforts are imperative for success. That is why we created a dedicated Aboriginal Employment and Diversity Manager position to champion an Aboriginal Employment Strategy that will focus on:

  • Attracting and recruiting more Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people across all divisions, roles and classifications in the Department.
  • Retaining and supporting Aboriginal staff.
  • Building a culturally aware and inclusive workplace that supports, respects and values Aboriginal people and their culture.
  • Building stronger succession pipelines that enable Aboriginal employees to progress into more senior roles.
  • Strengthening accountability and improving reporting to better monitor progress against our strategy.

We actively seek to engage and employ Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to build a stronger and competitive workforce that accurately reflects and represents the needs of the Western Australian community.


For more information visit https://www.wa.gov.au/organisation/department-of-planning-lands-and-heritage